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Illegal File Sharing

It is illegal under U.S. copyright law to download or share copyrighted materials – including music, movies, games and software – from the Internet without consent from the copyright holder. Illegal file sharing also violates the University’s Acceptable Use Policy (, in which the University has established the conditions for providing UNC affiliates with network privileges to the campus network to access the Internet, email, data storage and software applications.

Illegal file sharing is a serious violation. In addition to potential lawsuits brought by the copyright holders and financial damages to the copyright owners because of illegal file sharing, the University may also take disciplinary action against any member of the UNC-Chapel Hill community that has engaged in illegal file sharing.

To find out more about the UNC-Chapel Hill Acceptable Use Policy, legal file sharing and the dangers of peer-to-peer software and more, visit

For more information, contact the Information Security office at or 919.445.9393.

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